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In LUDOTIPIA we put at your disposal one of the most sought-after pieces, cardboard pieces with a fully customized and personalized die-cut shape, you can upload your design and get a piece of cardboard with an exact die-cut and unmatched printing quality, whether you want a single unit staff or a larger budget for your project.


We currently have 2 die-cutting processes:

-Knife-guided cutting die: super precise and with unmatched quality. Maximum thickness of 1.35 mm.

-CNC cut die: Cut that allows a greater thickness (1.75 mm). slightly less accurate.

Choose the type of cut according to your needs and don't hesitate, you won't find die-cut chips of this quality anywhere else.


It is very important to follow our PREPARATION GUIDE, which includes the requirements for printing, essential for a good product finish, and how to attach the files.

The term ofproductionis approximately de 20 business days from file check.
(In orders with large volumes, the delivery time may vary).
All orders are delivered by courier.The time from when it is sent to when it is received is between 24 and 48 hours.

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We are a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing board games. Do you have a project related to board games? Tell us about it! We'll be happy to help.

With us, you can make anything from a single copy, on our online store LUDOTIPIA, to tens of thousands manufactured in bulk.

We work so that making your game with us is the best option to make your project a reality
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