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Follow all 3 sections of this guide to prepare your designs correctly.

Main requirements

1. PDF format

The files you generate should preferably be in Pdf format. Failing that, they can also be high quality .TIFF or .JPG files. You can export it in PDF with the save as an option in almost all editing programs.


3. 300 DPI resolution

To prevent images showing pixelation, the file must be 300dpi (pixels per inch).


5. Leave 4mm of bleed

When designing the file it is important to leave 3 or 4mm of bleed outside the fundamental design that will be outside the area to be printed, as well as respecting the safety margins so that important elements are not cut out.

You will find the bleed zones on our templates.

2. Color in CMYK

It is important to make sure that the file is set to CMYK and with the color profile Coated Fogra39.

4. Text in pure black or enriched black

The texts in black must have values C0, M0, Y0, K100. Also use in large areas with that tone.

Requisitos pricipales

6. Textos negro 100% y sobreimpresos

Una vez tenemos los textos en negro 100%, debemos sobreimprimirlo para su correcta impresión.


Preparation guide

Get familiar with the template you have chosen before proceeding.

1. Prepare the template

  1. Download the template and open it in your design program.

2. Insert your design into the template

  1. Check that your design fits the main requirements.

  2. Insert your design into the template, on a layer below.

  3. Ensure that your design fits the specifications of the template.

3. Export your file

Once both the template requirements and the main requirements are met, you can export your design.


Hide the template layer and leave only your design visible.


Export the resulting file in high-quality PDF or JPG

4. Upload your files

  1. Compress your files into a .rar or .zip before uploading.

  2. Upon completing your purchase, you will see the link to the file upload platform.

  3. If you have already made your purchase, send your files in response to the purchase confirmation email we sent you.

Especific requires


  • For the cards, you should generate one file for each FACE and another file for each BACK/REVERSE.

  • You can also create a single .pdf file with as many pages as cards in the deck. And another for the reverses in order if they are different relatively to each other naming them as 001, 002, 003, etc.

  • If the deck has a single reverse common to all cards, you only need to generate one file for the reverse,

Tokens, boards, boxes, mats, etc

  • For BOARDS, BOXES, TOKENS, or MATS, you must generate an additional file, without hiding the template.

  • For TOKENS, in addition, you must also attach the file with the vectorized die-cut lines you have created.


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