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Frequent questions

Ludotipia allows you to print a few units at a low cost. For this, you have to take care of the professional finish of the files.

*About product options

  • BATCH:
    • In some products you will find the drop-down LOT or Price Reduced by Quantity, always at the top.
    • This dropdown refers to the number of SAME products that you need for that product.
    • The quantities in this dropdown are pre-fixed, this is because the unit price is reduced if you use any of those quantities directly.
    • Using BATCH you will see the calculation of the configuration that you have done in that product at the moment.
    • In all the products you will find the QUANTITY box in the lower area of the options for each product.
    • This option is usually left at 1 as LOT is often used instead, to save cost.
    • QUANTITY multiplies the price of the product and will show it at the end of the cart.
    • You can modify QUANTITY if, for example, you need 2 different groups of 3 equal decks. In that case you would mark 3 in LOT and 2 in QUANTITY.
  • To extend the limit of cards you need above the limit quantity (162) you can choose another quantity, or the same, and use a larger lot, to save costs.
  • Example: We want 200 cards. It is cheaper to choose lot 3 and 72 cards per deck (total 216 cards) than a deck of 162 plus another of 54 (54 is the minimum)
I have extra or missing cards in my order configuration
  • The number of preset letters respond to standards and cannot be modified.
  • You should always choose a number of playing cards/cards/cards that equals or exceeds what you need for your designs.
  • If they are left over, you can design them for us to include or we can just discard those leftover cards.
If you have any questions about any of the points you can write to us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

About prototypes

How can I send my prototype?

Ludotypia is made up of a series of customizable templates so you can combine them with your prototype and get custom components.


We do not receive complete prototypes at Ludotipia. What we offer is the possibility of assembling it by combining different components.

You can adapt your prototype in a couple of clicks with our guides.



The printing format is limited as it deals with print runs of few copies.


There are pieces that, due to their peculiarities or complexity, are not viable to manufacture in small runs.

About Ludotypia games

Can I place my prototype as an official Ludotipia product?

At Ludotipia we want game authors to have one more showcase, along with the possibilities of having other sales channels for their products, both in games and custom components.

If you manufacture your game with us and meet the necessary technical requirements, you can post your product on our website and increase the chances of selling it.


Also, if you are an AGRpriority customer, you will be able to hang exclusive accessories for your game in our online store.


Our production department will study each case in a personalized way, since not all games are viable for commercialization on demand.

Tips on digital printing

How should I send the files?

It is important to follow the indications of the document preparation guide and also to keep in mind that in the case of templates it is essential to use the same size as the template, modifying the size slightly can lead to unexpected results; and once placed on the template, remove the cutting guides, remember that everything that is seen is going to be printed.


Excess ink can cause imperfections on the edges, also, the cut is precise but not exact, so small movements can occur and it is convenient not to have text or images on the edges in addition to making sure that there is enough print bleed on the images .


When printing few copies the margin of error is greater. The tolerance of the cut  and die-cutting is between 1 and 3 mm depending on the material to be printed.

Some products allow you to combine several models. If you have doubts click here for more information

Tip tip: Check your documents well before sending them to us for print. Remember that you are the one who knows your idea best. If you are not sure that you can adapt them yourself, you can always turn to a professional or ask for help from people who are in the same situation and can also generate an exchange of ideas and designs to achieve better results. You can also consult any of us, we can help you.

delivery times

Standard delivery time:

Personalized products require methodical work, which is why we maintain delivery times of approximately 20 working days from the verification of the files to ensure that everything comes out in perfect condition.


It is important to point out that whether we have to touch up the files, or the nature of the work means that we need to adapt to the time it takes to do it, we will keep you informed at all times of any issue.


To avoid returns it is essential to indicate the COMPLETE ADDRESS and add the TELEPHONE NUMBER
so that the courier can contact the client if he is absent.

Shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or outside the European community require additional information in order to be processed successfully, such as an identification number.


Do not you find what you are looking for?Contact us!

Our purpose is to capture your design in our products. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can call us, make an appointment or write ae-mail and get a personalized quote.

ludotipia is the online store of


We are a Spanish company specialized in the manufacture of board games. Do you have a project related to board games? Tell us! We will be happy to help you.


With us you can make from a single copy in our online store LUDOTIPIA to a tens of thousands manufacturing in chain, we work so that making your game with us in Spain is the best option when making your project a reality.

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