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Risonautas around the World: The Game of Laughter is a hilarious game of laughter therapy to learn and put into practice the multiple benefits of laughter. 

An emotionally charged adventure: laugh, sing, dance, improvise, and win the craziest battles in a crazy galaxy. Test the rest of the players with your creativity and imagination.

An explosive board game where your learning begins when the game ends. 

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The “Risonautas around the World” project was born by César Calvo de Lucas, (Occupational Therapist, writer and laughter therapist) and M.ª Ángeles Osuna Fernández, (Ontological and Social Coach, Team Coach and laughter therapist).

Thanks to their extensive experience, in this discipline as fun as laughing, they have managed to transmit the values and benefits that LAUGHTER THERAPY provides at a physical, mental and socio-affective level, bringing conscious play and laughter to the business, social, sports and health

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The objective of the game is to guess a question in each of the planets of laughter. Seems easy right? While you get your five correct questions from the planets JA, JE, JI, JO and JU, you will have no choice but to pass the occasional test where you will be forced to... laugh, dance, sing or improvise the most crazy what happens to you!!

And if someone gets cocky on you, you will fight in some of the most amazing DUELS: can you imagine winning a battle by risking everything on… even or odd!!, or… rock paper or scissors?, or maybe you have to put up with it laughter so as not to lose the fight.

  • 1 board

  • 5 tokens

  • 1 dice

  • 500 questions for children and adults

  • 30 cards with 90 tests

  • 10 dueling cards

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