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What is ludotIPIA projects?

LUDOTIPIA PROJECTS is our new label with which we will mark all joint purchases, massive orders or crowdfunding/micropatronage campaigns in collaboration with LUDOTIPIA or AGR-Games.

what is it for?

To provide greater visibility to the different projects witha tailor-made space, as well as to offer detailed information on the project, monitoring and real-time information on delivery deadlines and the status in which it is located.

I want to push, createor organize a project

If you have a microproject and want to manufacture your board game in Spain with us, with PROYECTOS LUDOTIPIA you can make use of our platform to make sales and shipments of your product.


In addition, if you wish, we will disseminate your project in our networks and publications and you will have a space on our website designed especially for your product, with personalized information for your backers, joint partners and clients.


Once you enter our website, you will see the buttons related to these projects. When you purchase the product, you will receive an eemail with all the information related to this order, as well as a new email each time the project enters a new development phase. We will keep you informed, you will know exactly what phase your product is in.


The operation of LUDOTIPIA PROJECTS has 2 aspects, as we have indicated above. Depending on your role, if you are a promoterof a massive, joint or crowdfunding purchase, LUDOTIPIA PROJECTS will be in charge of meeting certain needs*. In the same way, if you are a buyer of a project with this seal, you will be offered all the information possible about the status of your order, as well as some guarantees**

I am a mover or creator
i am a buyer

To join our initiative, send us an email to Introduce us your project and make your request for a manufacturing budget. Remember, by manufacturing in Spain, you will have full control over your project.

If you are a patron of one of the products indicated by PROYECTOS LUDOTIPIA or you are going to purchase a product within the label, you will receive an email with all the updates on the status of your order. In addition, we will personally take care that it arrives at your home.

What makes me different from other orders?

This order is a completely personalized product that also has the particularity of being part of a massive or joint purchase, or one of the projects in collaboration with LUDOTIPIA.


This is why you will find the LUDOTIPIA Project brand on all products that meet any of these characteristics.

When will my order arrive?

All orders will be manufactured and shipped at the same time, so your order is subject to certain particularities.


Projects are custom products. They are not manufactured in advance. Normally all orders take a certain time to be delivered. In Ludotipia Projects, this time is extended due to the characteristics of these campaigns.

At the top of this website you will see a bar indicating the phase in which this campaign is located.

  1. Receiving orders

  2. File reception

  3. file review

  4. Production

  5. Shipment preparation

  6. shipments on the way

  7. finished campaign

You will receive a message in your email with the details of each phase, and we will inform you of the campaign updates.

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IMPORTANT: if you are from the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or outside the EU, it is ESSENTIAL to provide both your telephone number and any identification number that you can provide us (DNI, NIF, PASSPORT, ETC.). If this is not fulfilled, we cannot in any way guarantee the delivery of the order. This applies both to your order on the web and if you have been a backer in one of the crowdfunding made visible in LUDOTIPIA.

  • LUDOTIPIA only provides printing and shipping services for products under the PROYECTOS LUDOTIPIA label. It does not carry out any editorial work nor does it retain any right over said project.

  • The copyright, image rights as well as any other right linked to the intellectual property of the project correspond to their respective authors and are their sole responsibility.

  • Delivery times are subject to variations depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Printing documents must be provided in the correct way by the creators or managers of the project. Delays caused by incidents in the final arts are unrelated to LUDOTIPIA.

  • Ludotipia will not advance in any case individual orders belonging to these projects.

  • All shipments will be made by courier. In no case will ordinary shipments be made. Punctual collaborators may be established for collections, but it is not mandatory nor does it fall within our conditions.


You can find out about our terms and conditions by clicking here.


Do not you find what you are looking for?Contact us!

Our purpose is to capture your design in our products. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can call us, make an appointment or write ae-mail and get a personalized quote.


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ludotipia is the online st


We are a Spanish company specialized in the manufacture of board games. Do you have a project related to board games? Tell us! We will be happy to help you.


With us you can make from a single copy in our online store LUDOTIPIA to a tens of thousands manufacturing in chain, we work so that making your game with us in Spain is the best option when making your project a reality.

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