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Classic folded wedding invitations size A5 closed, A4 open.


These wedding invitations are ideal for communicating celebrations and events.


They are available in 3 finishes, 300 grams snow white textured paper, 300 grams cream or white laid paper and 300 grams graphic cardboard and laminated on both sides.

Classic Folded Wedding Invitations

VAT Included
  • It is important to consider the design for each type of paper:

    - Munchen paper is a porous paper, it is advisable to avoid large masses of ink and the best finishes are achieved with fine line designs.

    - On graphic cardboard it is possible to print large masses of ink but it is difficult to write on it, so it is advisable to avoid this type of paper if we want to make annotations.

Group your orders within the same shopping cart to save on shipping costs.

Shipping costs to the peninsula: €6.50
Shipping costs to the Canary Islands, Ceuta y Melilla: €15.00

Europe and rest of the world variable according to destination, it is calculated on the purchase page


Remember that at the end of the purchase process you will be able to access to our file upload platform to upload your designs.

(See how to upload files to print for more details)

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