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Get your pack of 6 custom boxes for the Heroquest Fanmade expansions generated by the HeroQuest Spain community. You can join in their Telegram by clicking here.


These boxes are a faithful reimagination of the original expansions from the 90s.


With these 6 boxes you will be able to store the contents of the following packs in premium cardboard boxes completely customized on the lid, bottom and sides:


Boxes 407x307x67 mm.

  • Great Orc
  • Mythic Tier


Boxes 267x267x67 mm


  • The Sorcerers of Zargon
  • The Beastmen Mound
  • Against the Ogre Horde
  • The Plague of the Skaven




Choose the following methods for shipping in Spanish territory:

  • Shipping Peninsula Custom HQ: 9€.
  • Shipping islands (Balearic or Canary Islands) Custom HQ: 16€.




*All other shipping methods will increase the cost due to the price (this does not apply to pick up at RePlay).



**The boxes do not include game content. They are boxes with a custom design by the Heroquest Spain community and in no case original material or content related to Heroquest ® is printed.






  • LUDOTIPIA only provides printing and shipping services for this product. LUDOTIPIA does not perform any editorial work nor does it retain any rights over this project.
  • The copyrights, image rights and any other rights related to the intellectual property of the project belong to their respective authors and are their sole responsibility.
  • Delivery deadlines are subject to variations depending on the complexity of the project.
  • The printing documents must be provided in the correct manner by the creators or those responsible for the project. Delays caused by incidents in the final artwork are beyond LUDOTIPIA's control.
  • Ludotipia will not advance in any case individual orders belonging to these projects.
  • All shipments will be made by courier. In no case will ordinary shipments be made. It is possible to establish punctual collaborators for pick-ups, but it is not obligatory and it is not included in our conditions.
  • If you are from the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or non-EU area, it is ESSENTIAL to provide both your phone number and any identification number you can provide (ID, NIF, PASSPORT, ETC.). If this is not fulfilled we cannot guarantee in any way the delivery of the order.

Custom Pack HeroQuest Boxes

VAT Included

    Group your orders within the same shopping cart to save on shipping costs.

    Shipping costs to the peninsula: €6.50
    Shipping costs to the Canary Islands, Ceuta y Melilla: €15.00

    Europe and rest of the world variable according to destination, it is calculated on the purchase page


    Remember that at the end of the purchase process you will be able to access to our file upload platform to upload your designs.

    (See how to upload files to print for more details)

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