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¡¡Las ofertas volverán en 2024!!
crear juego de mesa prototipos personalizados

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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If we receive the final files* after December 5th, orders will be delivered from January 2024. We will only be able to deliver orders before Christmas if we receive the correct files before December 5th.

Remember that in the rest of LUDOTIPIA if you order many equal units...

This maxim applies to ALL OUR PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS throughout the year.


*The review of files is part of the normal process and sometimes gives rise to corrections that, due to issues related to the designs, must be made by the client. This is completely normal and sometimes delays the process until the order reaches production.


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Do not you find what you are looking for?Contact us!

Our purpose is to capture your design in our products. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can call us, make an appointment or write ae-mail and get a personalized quote.

ludotipia is the online store of


We are a Spanish company specialized in the manufacture of board games. Do you have a project related to board games? Tell us! We will be happy to help you.


With us you can make from a single copy in our online store GAMBLING to a tens of thousands manufacturing in chain, we work so that making your game with us in Spain is the best option when making your project a reality.

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